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Wait to get into the shop? Take a hike!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

There I was waiting to get into the supermarket on Union Street and I had to queue outside as there were allegedly too many people in the store. I think there were about half a dozen people inside.

So there I stood on my 2m line behind the guy in front.

And as I stood there I thought back to all the gatherings of tens of thousands of protestors in London, and other major cities up and down the UK where no one respected social distancing and no one was arrested or fined for doing so.

And as I thought of the irony of the situation, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Isn't it funny how the media has simply airbrushed the fact that these demonstrations could results in thousands more deaths from covid-19 out of our minds, by simply ignoring this fact. And yet still we are bombarded by messages about maintaining social distancing, cannot meet inside, cannot meet outside in groups of more than eight (but only one from one household), etc., etc.

It kind of sums up the way society is run these days. Bring in laws and get the law-abiding decent people to adhere to them under the threat of being fined or cautioned. Pick on the wee wifie that goes out to get her shopping. Or the family that has more than one household member visit them for an hour, or the guy that has his pal in the house for a beer.

But do anything when thirty thousand people gather in mobs, completely ignoring social distancing? Of course not!

We are told by "BLack Lives Matter", that the police pick on black people. From where I am standing they don't. They pick on the wee wifie that goes out to the shops once too often or the bloke that has his pal round for a beer.

Far easier to pick on.

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