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The hidden agenda is depopulation

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

It never fails to amaze me how gullible the public are.

Take, for example, the media campaign that has now droned on for several decades on "women's rights". You only have to watch the BBC news any evening to view a "women's rights" article.

"Women's rights" are promoted as if the Government cares about women being treated fairly. But it is nothing of the sort.

Women's Liberation was initiated in the 1960s and was heavily financed and promoted by the Rockefeller Institute, for one main reason:-

To get women into the workplace, get them spending more money, getting them paying more tax, and making the world's economies (and the Rockefeller Institute) far richer. Nothing to do with actually helping women, although they were all brain-washed into thinking this was the reason.

Nowadays, the women's rights campaigns continue unhindered and at a greater pace than ever before. Again, the lie that is sold to women is that this is to give them their rights and fairer treatment. But that is not the truth.

Nowadays, the real reason is to prevent women having babies, and thus bring down the global human population.

Throw in a media agenda of hatred towards men, and you create all the ingredients to prevent breeding and bring down the human population.

It is such a shame that most people cannot see the real agenda.

I predict that within 10 years, laws will be made that limit the number of children that women in the world can bear. That may sound unlikely, but hey, who ever thought we would be barred from meeting our families, barred from going on holidays, and told our body parts can be harvested by the State without our approval.

It really is time to waken up.

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