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Now the State owns you - completely! (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Well, here we are. As I previously described in my blog of 1st Mar 2019, it has been confirmed we shall see the law on organ donation changing from 26 March 2021 in Scotland.

This is a truly despicable law, and one that has been shoved through Parliament whilst the public sleeps at the wheel.

With this law, the State will now have the legal right to harvest a person's organs unless they have opted-out.

It is frankly unbelievable that the State has given itself this right over your body. The State knows full well that most people are too busy getting on with their lives to bother with taking proactive action to opt-out. Most will simply say "It won't happen to me".

Well, it just might, everyone passes away sometime, and you'd better hope it's yourself and not a loved one that is cut to pieces by the State just because they couldn't be bothered to fill out a form to opt-out.

This law will cause indescribable grief to those people that lose a loved one before their time, and the fact that this law has come to pass demonstrates two things:

  1. that the Government is exceeding its authority and is a sign of the times of how much our lives are now controlled by the State.

  2. how much the public has been brain-washed into seeing themselves as a servant to the State rather than as an individual with individual rights to speak and feel as they see fit. Clearly those that wish to opt-out are being put on a guilt trip of being selfish and not thinking of others.

A great deal of pain will ensue for families as a result of this law, just you wait and see.

If the State has a shortage of organs then they should increase their advertising to obtain voluntary consent to organ donation.

Helping yourself to someone's body parts without them proactively opting out should never be the default position. Your body belongs to you, not the State, and that must always be the default position.

Here we are once again, looking at Sturgeon over-reaching her authority and passing laws just to suit herself and her own ego.

This woman and her SNP MSPs cannot be removed from Parliament soon enough.

I predict this law will be reversed within 10 years when the pain it causes to families becomes apparent.

You can opt-out here:


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