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Is Satoshi Nakamoto an Aberdonian?

You may well be asking who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Well, he's the founder of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with a trillion dollar market.

Very little is known about the real identity of the founder of Bitcoin. It is assumed that Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym.

The inventor of Bitcoin used this pseudonym in the early days of creating the Bitcoin currency and gave himself this name in his early emails that he shared with fellow crypto nerds back in 2008.

Very soon after Bitcoin took off (end 2010), Satoshi stopped posting and has never been heard from since.

Here is the link to his emails from back then. I ask that you look them over.

Do you notice the style of Satoshi's writing? The way he forms his sentences and the language he uses.

The writing style is so familiar to me, that he could be my mate from next door, or the chap at work. He sure as hell isn't a foreigner who has learned to write English, as the fluency and familiarity with the English language is just too good for a person that has lived outwith the UK.

But I would go further than to suggest that Satoshi is from the UK.

No, this guy (and it is a guy), is from Scotland, for sure. And maybe even Aberdeen, for he writes like so many from this part of the world.

Please read his emails and see what you think.

C'mon, lets track him down!


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