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Human-free zones

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

As the climate crisis intensifies and the public listens to stories of impending environmental disasters such as species extinction, it has become apparent that humans cannot claim the whole globe to itself.

In order to allow species to continue to exist, indeed even recover and proliferate, it has become apparent that the only solution to secure the future of the diversity of our ecosystem is for mankind to stay out of certain parts of the planet.

We need all governments of the world to identify key human-free zones in the world and then agree to enforce the law that humans remain out of these designated areas.

The Chernobyl area caused humans to leave that area. Nature is now proliferating there.

It is the only solution. Wherever mankind goes, he ruins it for other forms of life.

We must implement human-free zones.

A Human-free zone
A Human-free zone

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