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Scottish tax on income is eye-wateringly astronomical !

Levels of taxation on people's payslips in Scotland are truly astronomical. Eye-watering in fact.

The reality of what employees actually take home tends to be lost in the hyper-emotion that surrounds large sounding salaries.

But this is not the 1980s. This is 2024, where the cost of living is through the roof and everything seems to cost twice what it did five years ago.

The SNP government really are greedy. Any reasoning they put forward that Scotland could stand on its own two feet are surely blown out the water by these figures. If this is the tax the SNP mobsters take now, can you imagine how much they will take when "oor wee nation" of 2 million workers tries to support itself financially. It's a joke.

The graphs below indicate take home pay (for your average PAYE employee) after first income tax is taken off and then with both income tax and National Insurance deducted.

Nett income after paying income tax and NI
Nett income after paying income tax and NI

Here is the data that the graphs are based on.

So someone earning £41,000 only gets to keep £32,918.

Someone earning £70,000 only keeps £49,192.

Someone earning £100,000 only keeps £65, 242

Someone earning £125,000 only keeps £76,117

Someone earning £150,000 only keeps £88,579, and finally

Someone earning £200,000 only keeps £113,579.

In order to have a take home pay of £100,000, you actually need to have a gross salary around £174,000.

Greedy, greedy SNP bastards.

Surely there comes a point where you cannot keep taking money from those that have earned it. Those receiving higher salaries do so because they are better qualified, take on more responsibility and have worked hard to get to where they are. They don' t sit at home feeling sorry for themselves and looking up the DWP website for every claimable benefit under the sun (unlike so many).

If the SNP continue with this approach to taxation much longer, or in fact try to raise the rates even higher (all made to sound ever so kindly when couched as "progressive"), then Scotland will be broke, as higher rate taxpayers flee the country at the earliest opportunity (if they can), and businesses contemplating establishing a presence in Scotland decide otherwise.

You need to wise up, SNP.

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