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OMG, John Swinney for First Minister? So help me God....

So John Swinney has put his name forward for the First Minister role in Scotland.

Head in hands, I shake my head in despair.

Have the SNP learnt nothing? Do they really believe that by sticking to the same old, same old script, same Old Guard, that Scotland can move forward?

Listened to his announcement today. Nothing but a plethora of soundbites and big talk about bringing "Team SNP" together under an experienced and "skilled individual". Skilled individual? Who is that? Oh my, was he talking about himself? The man that brought about the failed Named Person scheme. The man that mucked up school exams during the Covid pandemic. If Liz truss was a lettuce, this man is a neap, and a delusional one at that.

Until the SNP understands that a country need to incentivise its entrepreneurs and successful business leaders, and not just fleece them, taxing them to death to hand their hard-earned wages and profits to society's slackers (mostly SNP supporters), then nothing will ever get better in Scotland.

The SNP needs to change. It needs to give up its independence obsession BECAUSE THE MAJORITY DON'T WANT IT. Are you deaf? Did you not hear the electorate? We have voted, and the majority (55%) DO NOT WANT IT!

But go ahead SNP party members, fail to read the writing on the wall that says "CHANGE!", elect John Swinney and I reckon Scotland will be even deeper in the doldrums in five years time.

The SNP is not a party that seeks to govern Scotland. It is a party that seeks to remain in power by appealing to the majority poor. It has no intention of facing the facts of life that there will always be some better off than others, and if you can only serve the poorer by fleecing the better off, then you will never lead a country united around independence.

The only route to independence will be when you govern well for ALL of Scotland's citizens, the poor, those of moderate wealth, and the better off. And as long as you continue to serve only the poor, and isolate the better off, then independence will remain a distant dream.

Citizens of Scotland want to live in a fair society. That means one where the poor are helped and the better off get to keep the majority of their wealth to spend on themselves and their own families.

The SNP only cares to get over the 50% line, and enforce independence on the remaining 40+% against independence. What a way to run a country.

Perhaps Swinney is simply seeking to become First Minister for a few months, and thus ensure himself a "half-salary" pension for the rest of his life. I mean, everything he has done in the past has alluded to the fact that he never wanted to be First Minister. So he is clearly lying to himself.

All I can say is God help us. If this man is elected, the country will fall deeper and deeper into economic despair as business investors fail to establish in Scotland and fail to attract high-performing staff, due to the eye-watering levels of taxation in Scotland (income, property, etc.)

It says in the Bible, "Jesus wept". Me too.

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