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Bye, bye Nicky. Don't come back.

Updated: Mar 16

Fantastic. Finally. Sturgeon has gone.

I watched her resignation speech yesterday and once again it reminded me just how good Sturgeon is at talking up herself, and sounding convincing.

Listening to that speech I was beginning to wonder if she was talking about Joan of Arc or Mother Teresa, such was the narcissism spilling over the Sturgeon cup.

"Judge me on my record with education" she said years ago. Well years ago we judged you Nicky and it was (and still is) absolutely diabolical. So why didn't you go back then?

I have no doubt any teenager leaving school these days could tell you instantly what LBGTQ+ stood for, and could probably write an essay on it. But ask them to work out 10% of any number and they'll look at you and say "what's a percent?"

True story - I was in an Aberdeen retailer recently and the young assistant had to work out 10% of my bill as a discount. I told her what it was, but she wouldn't take my word for it. So she reached for the calculator, only to realise she didn't know how to work it out on the calculator either. Next she went to the manager who didn't know either but he found a work-around on the till. Unbelievable. I digress.

Sturgeon gave the impression of being a man-hater (unless that man was John Swinney, who dug her out of so many holes by making a hash of things himself and taking the blame). Tell her the NHS and Education are falling apart and she'd shrug her shoulders and say "What do you expect me to do about it, it's all Westminster's fault?". Yet get her onto the subject of domestic abuse, and she'd have every man in Scotland castrated if she could get away with it. As if it's only men that carry out abuse (eh, no it's not, but the media won't cover those cases. That would spoil the storyline).

Her greatest accomplishment was baby-boxes. Well, very nice thank you, but hardly ground-breakingly difficult to set up.

Supposedly she "led Scotland through the pandemic". Funny I don't remember her doing anything other than waiting to see what Boris Johnson would do, then working out some minor tweak which added a little extra sparkle to make herself look superior. With that way of working, you always say it was someone else's fault if it blows up in your face. It's never your fault. But if it works well you take the credit. That's why you make those tweaks, to claim it was your idea.

But "led". No. Always on the back foot, always waiting to see what others did first. And I certainly don't remember thinking to myself "How am I going to get through this pandemic. Oh, I know I'll turn on the telly and divulge myself of Nicky's advice". Nah. Fairy story.

Sturgeon is getting out because she knows the competence of her SNP government is fast falling apart, and becoming visible even to SNP voters. She wants to get out while her reputation is still intact with at least half the Scottish population. Sloping shoulders is her speciality.

She probably also finds herself in the same situation as many aged doctors who are having to retire early because taxation is screwing up their pension. if that is the case, it's so ironic. Our tax-loving leader quitting because she doesn't want to pay tax!

No doubt Sturgeon has some cushy United Nations position position lined up. And that will most likely explain the timing of her decision to resign, along with her government's reputation for competence crumbling around her.

Of you go then Nicky, go join the rest of the New World Order's socialist movement, whose policies you forced upon Scotland over the last decade. Go rub shoulders with Blair, Brown. Major and every other self-serving psychopath that ran the UK, and served the New World Order.

Just don't come back.

ps. I wonder which New World Order psychopath is up next for the position of First Minister?



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