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Why the "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators in Aberdeen are so wrong

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators are so wrong.

When I see the young folk of Aberdeen marching down Union Street, convinced of the righteousness of their cause, I think "you are so wrong". Naive, deluded and wrong. But then again, history shows that young folk often let their emotions rule their heads, believing that the mellowness and indifference of their elders needs called out. Nothing like a good protest march to stir the student blood and make them think that their generation is going to sort out the worldly mess that their elders have bestowed upon them. Yawn......, seen it, done it, got the t-shirt. My advice is get back to simply enjoying life for what it is, because here in the North east of Scotland, life ain't so bad when you compare it to other parts of the world (e.g. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Angola... to name a few).

I find it quite incredible that the black community think they have such a raw deal here in NE Scotland. Let's see.....imagine you are one of the black community:

Can you book a doctor's appt as easily as a white person? Answer: YES

Are you entitled to the same treatment under the NHS as a white person? Answer: YES

Can your kids go to the same schools as white people? Answer: YES

Do you have the same job opportunities as white people? Answer: YES

Can you buy a house or rent property like white people? Answer: YES

Can you go to the same shops as white people? Answer: YES

Can you use the same public transport as white people? Answer: YES

And so on.

In fact, there is no discrimination against the black community at all !!

Now black people may well say that statistics indicate there are more black people in lower paid jobs, poorer housing, etc than white people. I don't know if that is true. But even if it is, that isn't a consequence of discrimination.

The black community has the same opportunities as everyone else. You cannot blame others if you do not make as much of those opportunities as others. And let it not be forgotten that there are many, many white people that also live in poor housing, work in low-paid jobs, etc. They too haven't made the most of their opportunities. As someone who went to a comprehensive school in Aberdeen, I can tell you that there were plenty bams who wasted their opportunities there too, and none were black.

Furthermore, to take the death of one black man in the USA and use that to claim discrimination in the UK is just "making two plus two make five". The USA is a troubled land, primarily because everyone carries guns. The murder of George Floyd was plainly wrong and horrendous, but let it not be forgot that white people have also died at the hands of law enforcement officers in both the USA and the UK. It's just that the media chooses not to highlight these. And without in any way condoning the offficer that killed George Floyd, I'm sure we can all agree it cannot be easy being a police officer in the USA, not knowing if the next person you arrest is going to pull a gun on you. No wonder they are all so twitchy and trigger happy. In many cases, it might be a case of shoot first and ask questions later, otherwise you could end up dead.

The protestors, particularly those from the local area that chose to support the demonstrations, would do well to remember that not everything is as it seems. Supporting the rights of black people may appear to be a noble cause, but is that really what is going on here? Might there not be a deeper, more troubling reason for these demonstrations erupting in Western civilisations.

Isn't it funny how quickly the demonstrations across the world were coordinated together, how the news channels coordinated their story-lines so quickly, and how the Premier Football League in England managed to arrange for all players to have "Black Lives Matter" printed on their shirts. And all those documentaries about disadvantaged black communities all made up and ready to broadcast when the moment was right. You would almost think all of this was planned BEFORE the death of George Floyd.

Haven't you noticed how the organisers of these rallies often spring from universities and colleges? There could be a reason for that. It could be that they are agents or spies of foreign countries, that wish to harm the UK. One of the best ways for countries to get their agents into other countries is to place them as students in foreign universities and colleges. Then once there, they wreck their havoc. I can just imagine the phone calls back to their agencies. When asked "How is it going Comrade?", they probably reply "This was so easy. Not only did I persuade the black community to rally in their high streets, I even managed to persuade the indigenous students to march too. Ha, ha, marching to the tune of "please take my country from me", ha, ha."

Then there is Antifa. Now I don't claim to know too much about this organisation, but they are potentially present and involved in many of these rallies, and I would challenge any rational Aberdonian to say we want these kind of groups on our streets.

Finally I am struck by the fact that so many young people who live locally took to the streets of Aberdeen to march in support of the Black Lives Matter movement at a time when coronavirus lockdown rules are in force, and social distancing was required, but was not carried out. I have heard it said, "Well, it's not ideal, but it's a cause worth breaking the rules for". Isn't is strange how young folk will gladly march for the rights of people that they have never met, and yet couldn't give a damn about the fact that by spreading the coronavirus they are putting the lives of the elderly, including their own grandparents at risk.

I guess that's young folk for you.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Aberdeen display their naivety
Naive, deluded and just plain wrong

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