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Sturgeon - as transparent as a sheet of glass

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I don't like Nicola Sturgeon.

If that's a surprise to anyone reading this, then you can't have been following my posts.

What I dislike so intensely about this woman is her fakery. The way her evil and sadistic mind is hidden from public view behind either a poker (when trying to act professional) face or an angst-ridden (when trying to convey empathy) face. All backed up by a pair of open hands intended to convey her sincerity. Never one to miss a trick is oor Nicky. But the mind is churning away, despising everything male, everything Aberdeen, and never missing an opportunity to take out revenge on her pet hates, whose only crime is to exist.

I can well imagine the wee Glaswegian lassie sitting at her school desk many years ago, dreaming of the day when she could live out her feminist fantasies, and ruin the lives of anyone that disagrees with her.

Right from the moment that she put Aberdeen into lockdown I thought, "here we go", now she is going to milk this opportunity to hammer this region of Scotland where she has little support. Many Aberdonians thought lockdown would last a week. Not a chance I thought. Most seemed to expect it to end after two weeks. Not a chance I thought, we haven't been punished enough. And now with the official announcement due tomorrow over whether we will be locked down for a third week, it is evident we shall not just be locked down for a third, but also a fourth week. The evidence was in today's statement that said "we require to maintain the lockdown for at least another week". Those words, "at least", mean there will be a fourth week of lockdown.

Isn't it strange how Nicky never locks down the areas of Scotland where she has most support, like Glasgow and Dundee.

I was in Dundee earlier this week, and I found it very interesting that many more Dundonians are refusing to wear face masks in shops and on buses than us Aberdonians in Aberdeen. But do we ever hear the Scottish Government condemn these breaches of the rules? Of course not, because Dundee is SNP territory. If you don't believe me, go to Dundee and take a look for yourself. Umpteen buses passed me, and a quick glance inside them revealed many passengers not wearing masks.

And why must Aberdeen have a fourth week of lockdown? According to the Scottish government it's because that's what Melbourne in Australia did. Sorry, did you say "Australia"? That continent on the other side of the world? Why on earth should the policy of this country be based on Australia? Can't this woman make a decision for herself without looking around for someone else to copy (or blame if it goes wrong)? She obviously couldn't get a heads-up from Westminster on this one and had to scour the world far and wide for someone to tell her what to do.

I think Sturgeon is becoming like King Canute who thought he was so powerful he could tell the tide to turn back. Empress Sturgeon clearly believes that the virus is obeying her and that she has it under control. She is deluded. The virus is out there and there are thousands of infections up and down the country. Her aim (stated from her own lips) is to "eradicate the virus" in Scotland. This is palpable nonsense. She might as well try to eradicate the common cold. Her ridiculous actions to control the virus are being ignored far and wide up and down Scotland by sane members of the public who have neither the desire or inclination to try and remember her ridiculous rules (e.g. you can only meet up to 8 people from 3 different households. Now was that indoors or outdoors? Damned if I can remember).

Her latest pronouncements are beyond belief. Time to call the white van men to put her in a straight jacket, help her into the back of the van, and take her to the nearest loonie bin.

Pubs (but not those in Aberdeen as they have already been closed indefinitely) have now to turn off all background music, and TVs must also have the sound turned off and use subtitles instead.

Why? Because apparently, if the noise in a pub is too loud, you will have to shout and this runs the risk of ejecting virus particles from your mouth.

As far as I can see, the only harmful particles coming from anyone's mouth are those that belong to a First Minister, drunk in the sense of her own imaginary power to control the virus, deluded that the virus is listening to her and doing what it is told, are acting like yer mammy telling you it's time to switch off the lights and go to bed. "Oh, and don't forget to take a piss before you go anywhere within your 5 mile travel allowance, because I have closed all the public toilets".

With her government collapsing under the weight of its incompetence (think school exams shambles - "judge me on education", Sturgeon said 5 years ago), the stench of corruption (a discredited internal investigation into the alleged Alex Salmond sexual harrassment claims; allegations which were also discredited in the highest court in the land), and what some would call the murder of two thousand elderly persons in care homes by authorising the dispatching of hospital patients infected with coronavirus into those homes (it was well known elderly patients were most at risk long before the virus reached UK shores), Sturgeon's time is very nearly up as First Minister.

If she has any decency or morality left, she should do the decent thing, and RESIGN. But I'm not holding my breath.

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