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So being "royal" is a clinical consideration?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Wasn't the slightest bit surprised to hear that Prince Charles was tested for corona virus when he developed a cough. Nothing really changes that much down through the centuries. The royalty and the elites get all the special privilege whilst the working folk get FA.

Unless Charles has some special condition like a heart complaint that none of us know about, there is no way he should have had a scarce Corona testing kit wasted on him. After all he had mild symptoms, and the Government advice for anyone with mild symptoms is to stay at home and self-isolate. In other words, don't waste the NHS's time on even a phone call, and don't even think you're going to get tested.

And what about Camilla? Why was she even tested, as she didn't display any symptoms? That alone should ring alarm bells that this testing was done simply because they are royal and not for "clinical considerations". "Clinical considerations", my arse. "Royal considerations" more like.

And you can be sure that down in London, and up at Balmoral, there will be a small private, secret medical centre, loaded up with a few ventilators and the latest medicine. But no way will the public be told this. Whilst someone out there dies for lack of a ventilator, there will probably be at least half a dozen secreted away for royal use only.

Disgusting, but not a surprise.

Special Corona privileges for blue blood
Crown (and Corona) Privileges

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