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Prestigious Estonian street artists to ruin Aberdeen as part of Nuart Festival 2023

Updated: Mar 16

Here we go again.

Nuart Aberdeen 2023 is coming to town to spread its graffiti all over the city.

According to Aberdeen Inspired, every Aberdonian loves it as it cheers up the rather "grey and dull" granite of Aberdeen.

Of course, the subliminal (and slightly threatening) messaging in all of this is that Aberdonians are dull and unexciting too, and you had better love it or you will be cast into the pool of outcasts marked old-fashioned and boring. Nothing works quite as well as social outcasting to make you agree with someone else's viewpoint. A tried and tested media and political ploy.

Well I hate so much of it, and I'm not signing up with the "cool gang". Yes, there are some wonderfully atristic pieces that feed the imagination, but they must be in the right location to enhance the area. Instead so many look like tags or tattoos that makes the area look run down. I despise the mess these make of unadulterated walls.

I have never yet looked upon tags and graffiti sprayed on railway sidings, fences, walls and bridges and thought, "yes that's really lovely, I wish someone would paint that on my wall".

Though with the way these so-called artists operate with Council backing, it won't surprise me if I come out my door one day and find my private dwelling painted upon with Council blessing!

No, instead I associate them with urban poverty and dereliction, and the "unemployed by choice" who can't be bothered to work but are happy to force their brand of fecklessness on the decent law-abiding population who just want their Council to keep their walls clean and their streets safe.

Apparently, four "artists" who are part of the Stencibility street art festival from Tartu, Estonia, will stage an exhibition from June 7 to 17.

They will also be, I quote, "spilling onto surrounding streets to create unique pieces of art for people to discover". Well isn't that just great, I can hardly wait to watch our beautiful granite city blighted with their crap.

Kadri Lind, one of Stencibility's organisers, said "We've heard from local people that Aberdeen might be a bit grey and from our perspective that's great, because we can make a bigger change".

Just what gives this upstart the right to call our great city grey. Get over yourself mate. We really don't need you coming here and telling us all what to like.

David McCracken, arts business manager of Peacock and the Worm (who are supporting this venture) said, "I think Aberdeen is actually a dear grey place. The reason I think Nuart has been so successful is they help to brighten up a grey town".

So there you have it. It doesn't matter what Aberdonians think, David McCracken has told you what you must think. You can either like it or lump it.

I do not agree with him.

I like Aberdeen clean, grey and free from graffiti pretending to be art.



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