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Nicola Sturgeon - prize Buffoon-ess.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

What an embarrassment Nicola Sturgeon is to Scotland.

How she loves to elevate her importance to the same level as other world leaders with real clout.

It is so embarrassing to see this diminutive figure put on her sad faces as she stands at the door of Bute House shaking hands with renowned world leaders such as Boris Johnson. Or calling the leader of the Free World (Donald Trump) names that she obviously dreamt up in her High School daydreams.

Nicola - you are are only in charge of a diminutive nation of 5 million people. Boris is in charge of 10 times that. Donald Trump in charge of 65 times that. Know your place. Show some respect and see if you can crack a smile on that soor face once in a while at the photoshoot.

If Boris Johnson is a buffoon then you must be a buffoon-ess. Show some professionalism please, and stop embarrassing Scotland.

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