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Law-breaking at South Silver Street, Aberdeen

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

As I walked along South Silver Street (by Golden Square) this weekend past, I was bemused by the antics of a middle-aged couple (artist's photofit included, see below).

The man stood guard over the street, ensuring no one was watching.

The woman had her back to the street and was crouched over a large bag at the foot of a side door of the Music Hall. She too was acting suspiciously.

All at once they both dipped into the bag, pulled out multiple slices of bread and complete buns, and started throwing them all over the pavement. In seconds, the pavement was strewn with at least half a dozen buns and a whole loaf.

This was deliberate littering, and they knew it. It was a strange attempt to feed birds if that was the intention, because at the time there were no birds anywhere to be seen.

Another man trying to make his way along the pavement, and clearly not wanting to wade through the bread debris, spoke to the guilty party and told the male offender that what he was doing was illegal. i.e that it was illegal to feed gulls in Aberdeen.

This did not go down well with the litterbug who claimed that he had never heard it was illegal, and clearly did not believe it. Some shouting back and fore ensued.

Well, I have news got the litterbug. It is illegal, and is punishable with a penalty fine. Check the following link.

This was not some down-and-out couple. Both were well dressed and fully aware of their actions. I would say from their demeanor prior to the offence, that they knew that what they were about to do was wrong.

The man was tall, about 6 foot, white-skinned, had short, spiky, greying hair, wearing a checked shirt, and wore spectacles. He was probably in his early 50s. The woman was quite tall, about 5 foot 8 inches, white-skinned, with long blonde hair, and about 50 years old. I attach a photofit.

If anyone knows these people, and suspects they carry out this sort of activity regularly, please inform your Environmental Health team at Aberdeen City Council.


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