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Dias the Moron

I'm not usually in the business of promoting idiots, but I cannot avoid raising the issue of the dreaded blue DIAS stickers that are plastered all over Aberdeen and other Scottish cities.

You've probably walked past these stickers in Aberdeen city centre thousands of times, and quite possibly never thought too much about it.

But once you do think about it, and start looking out for them, you soon realise the full extent of the vandalism that is being inflicted upon the city centre of Aberdeen and other Scottish cities.

These blue DIAS stickers are everywhere! Every lamppost, sign, crossing the road unit and bollard has likely got one of these stickers stuck fast to it.

I ask, what kind of a mindless moron goes about sticking stickers everywhere? He must surely have a team of followers that go out in the dead of the night and plaster them everywhere. They are an absolute eyesore.

Why aren't the Council and the police doing something about this moron, or is it the case that we can all now go about daubing private property with anything we like?

The cost of removing these stickers must be reaching over a million pounds if you add up the cost over all the Scottish cities in which they proliferate.

And it's not just stickers. I have seen the letters "DIAS" spray painted onto walls, railway bridges and road signs.

Again I ask, why isn't someone catching this moronic individual and throwing the book at him?

A short spell looking him up on the internet informed me that he mainly plys his trade on Instagram.

It shouldn't therefore be too hard for the police to locate this vandalising individual and charge him.

King Dias? Yea, King of the Morons.

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