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Coronavirus - it's not about saving lives, it's about maintaining CONTROL

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Perhaps you think that the UK government is acting throughout the Coronavirus pandemic crisis with its top priority being saving lives. Well you would be wrong.

The government is not concerned about saving lives. The actions it is currently taking may well reduce the overall death toll, but that quite frankly, it is a side benefit. A side benefit behind which the Government's true intention really hides.

The true intention of the government is not to save you. It's true intention is to maintain control over the masses.

The government's greatest fear is loss of control, with law and order falling apart, and the cosy status quo that maintains the elite's authority and superior standard of living over you being taken away. All governments fear revolution.

Have you ever seen Antz? A movie whereby the mass ant population rises up against its government when they realise that they are more powerful than their government as a result of their sheer force of numbers. This is what all governments fear.

Look at the way the UK government first reacted when the first hints of a pandemic became apparent. They did very little. Why? Because they wished to keep the status quo, and acting in a way that might have spooked the public was to be avoided, in case the masses revolted.

Then when the disease took hold in the UK, the government realised the tsunami of illness that was coming. This was when they realised that the hospitals might be overwhelmed with dying people. So they took the unprecedented steps of introducing social isolation and lockdown. But that wasn't to save lives. This was because law and order might fall apart if the public's loved ones were dying in hospital car parks, hospital corridors, or even worse, at home without any medical help.

And the government don't hide their true intention! They tell us that all of this social isolation is to save the NHS, not to save you. That as I have already said, is a side benefit. When they say "Save the NHS", what they really mean is save law and order, avoid revolution, and maintain the elite's privileged status.

So please take all the government's words with a pinch of salt. They don't really care about you. What they really care about is themselves.

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