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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

This article is about the Corona virus. It is not intended to undermine the very serious effects of this virus on life and limb, nor to undermine the Government's efforts to control it, which I fully support.

However, this article is really an exploration of the why, where and what of the virus. Why did it happen now? Where did it come from? And what will be the long-term effects on our society? When this event is over, there will be countless "conspiracy theories". In this article I wish to explore these in a not-too-serious but nonetheless, thought-provoking way.

So where did it come from? Well, we are told it started at an animal market in Wuhan, China. Maybe. But could it have been created in a government laboratory? Sound far-fetched? Well it wasn't so long ago that Russian agents planted a nerve agent in Salisbury. It would only take one state to decide it wished to inflict a pandemic plague on the rest of the world and it would be the easiest thing to do. Simply spread the virus around in a highly populated environment and watch the disaster unfold. We haven't heard many statistics from Russia have we? Coincidence? Maybe they already have their vaccine ready. Maybe we are at war, and our own government has decided not to tell us. Possible. It has been said many times in the past that the next war might not be fought with guns and bombs, or even between men, but with biological weapons. Who knows? It's far from impossible. Maybe the virus was even planted at an animal market to make it look like it came from there. The point is that it would be the simplest thing for a government hell-bent on inflicting an epidemic on the world to do so. They could easily assign a few students, spies or agents to spread the virus around the world. Go to a few football matches with 70,000 fans, and Bob's your uncle.

So why now? Well, I can think of quite a few reasons, all of which impact on the future direction of nation states and population control. Look at some of the current effects:

1. Brexit has stalled. Did our elite masters who tried so hard to stop Brexit by imposing 3 years of TV news media on the British public, with a 100% negative view of Brexit, but who ultimately failed, decide to do something really drastic to stop it? Sounds unlikely given the global scale of the pandemic, but who knows how ruthless our elites can be?

2. Hard cash has been designated as a dirty, virus-carrying medium, forcing us all to not only use credit cards, but to use them in a contact-less manner (not even using our PINs). Could the follow-up to all this be a cashless global currency?

3. The stock markets have crashed with the Footsie down below 5000, having been up at 7,500 only two months ago. Have you noticed how over the last 20 years the Footsie never seems to get above 7000-7500 before crashing. We had the dotcom crash in 2000, the banking crisis in 2008 and now the Corona crisis in 2020. And do you know what happens every time there is a market crash? What happens is the stockbrokers and big guns bale out early, while Joe Public, blissfully unaware that his pension is invested in the stock market, takes the hit. Joe then has to work hard for another 5-7 years just to see his pension get back to exactly where it was 5-7 years ago. Yet still the public are told by pension companies and banks not to panic and invest for the long-term. Well, I heard this 20 years ago after the year 2000, and my pension investment isn't worth any more now than it was 20 years ago, despite putting money into it over the last 20 years. Meantime, once the market hits rock bottom, the elites wait for the moment when they are ready to reinvest (that only they and not Joe Public knows about), and buy up billions of pounds worth of stock at rock bottom prices. Then they wait another 5-7 years for the market to rise, before quickly selling out (at a time of their choosing) and crashing it again. What fools we are. My advice is stay away from stock markets. Put your money in a deposit account not a pension. And to hell with the tax breaks.

4. The environment is benefiting from so many cars now being off the road. Environmental damage has stalled, with no building work or industry of any kind taking place. Maybe the environmental situation got so bad that our masters decided that something drastic needed to happen. But I don't mean that the release of this virus was done for the environmental damage reduction during the pandemic. No, what I mean is that once we all get used to working from home, being locked down and accepting the military or police state enforced upon us, we may move to this form of living permanently in the future. Some people may like the home-working and not even question it. And thus carbon dioxide production is drastically reduced forever.

5. Martial law/police state (lockdown) - get used to it, for this is the future? You can be absolutely sure that governments around the world will not waste the experience of getting the public used to martial lockdown. Think what can be done with this experience. Public are now more accepting of martial or police control. Far more accepting of control over our food supplies. Far more accepting of state control over our monetary income, perhaps even accepting the idea of a universal income and a globally-controlled socialist society.

And here is my greatest fear. What if this pandemic is simply a dry run, a pilot if you like. Perhaps our elite masters have a plan to drastically reduce the human population with a far more lethal virus than Corona virus. Perhaps our masters are studying the reaction of governments and their populations to fine-tune their plan for releasing a more lethal virus in the future. One that will reduce the human population by 80% or more. And one thing you can be sure of, is that before the next lethal virus is released, the global elite masters will have their bunkers and vaccines ready for themselves.

Stay safe folks, prepare for the worst, think for yourselves, and listen to Alan Watt (Scottish/ Canadian philosopher) on You Tube to understand what is really going on in this apparently crazy, world (but which is finely planned and not as random as you might think).

Corona virus part 2 - Making the next lethal virus?
Making the next lethal virus?

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