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Can Aberdeen City Council do anything on time?

So many Aberdeen City Council projects. So many not delivered on time.

  1. The Art Gallery refurbishment

    • Closed 2015

    • Was due to open late 2017. It did not.

    • Was due to reopen late 2018/early 2019. It did not.

    • Finally opened November 2019.

2. Union Terrace Gardens renovation

  • Plans approved 2018

  • Closed 2019

  • Was due to open 2021. It did not.

  • Was due a "partial" re-open April 2022. Cancelled the very day.

  • Finally opened 22 Dec 2022

  • But there's still turf to be laid Feb 2023, and pointing to be redone.

3. Low Emission Zone introduction

  • Was due to be introduced 30 May 2022

  • Still not happened, with no signs whatsoever that anything is being put in place

  • And with Glasgow City Council not introducing its LE zone until 01 June 2023, you can be sure Aberdeen City Council won't introduce their zone before then, because they need GCC to show them what to do.

Always on the back foot.

Always late.

Always requiring another city council to show them what to do.

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