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Brexit betrayal

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The reason why Brexit is such a mess is perfectly simple.

When the UK parliament agreed to hold a referendum on whether to leave the EU, this was done after decades of the parliament discussing the issue and being unable to settle the issue. Hence they agreed to a public referendum, whose intent was to get the final verdict and then to implement the decision. The referendum was meant to be the FINAL say. It was also the case that getting a deal was neither here nor there. In fact, contrary to what the media and politicians would have you believe, as they attempt to stall Brexit permanently, most Leave voters would have assumed that leaving meant there was no requirement for a deal. "Leave means Leave" after all.

When the result came back to Parliament, the politicians didn't like it, and they didn't expect it. They wanted and expected "Remain".

So the politicians went back on their promise to implement the public's decision. Betrayal.

Our politicians are not elected on a single issue such as Brexit but mostly are elected on the basis of their party and its manifesto. Hence, it is hardly surprising that their desires do not necessarily synchronise with the referendum result. It is also the case that most potential MPs are pre-selected prior to standing in a general election to ensure they have the right credentials, one of which is a preference for an international/globalist outlook on life. Consequently, the majority of our MPs are for "Remain".

But regardless of this mismatch of politician viewpoints on Brexit and those of the public, this is still a betrayal. The politicians agreed to delegate the decision to the public when they agreed to the referendum, and going back on this is betrayal.

Absolute scoundrels.

Brexit betrayal by the politicians
Brexit betrayal by the politicians

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