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BBC - the State brain-washing machine

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The British Broadcasting Corporation, aka the BBC, aka Auntie Beeb, a wonderful British institution that keeps the British public informed with the finest unbiased news coverage. That's what we are told to believe, strangely enough (or rather not strangely) by the BBC! What a joke.

In fact the BBC is so far up its own arse it even hands out awards to sports men and women (aka the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award) who have worked tirelessly for years to reach the pinnacle of their sport (think Andy Murray, think Lewis Hamilton) and expects those achievers to act like winning an award from the BBC is as good as winning some of the real trophies they have achieved through competition. I'm pretty sure that some of these winners were smiling through gritted teeth thinking "Who gives a monkey's about winning this "counts for nothing" award" when they were handed it. Talk about trying to magnify your own importance by ingratiating yourself with genuine achievers. That's the BBC.

Why is the British public compelled to pay a licence to this institution whether you want to watch or listen to its programmes? Why do members of the public not have the choice of whether they wish to receive its broadcasts and thereby free themselves from having to pay for its services. The reason of course is that the BBC is the government's propaganda machine, broadcasting selective information to ensure everyone thinks in the right way. Think 1984. And YOU are going to pay for your own brain-washing.

The BBC is a propaganda tool, feeding us all with left-wing socialist ideology. But have you ever asked yourself who is actually selecting and editing the news we receive from it, and what is the reasoning behind the choices made?

Because have no doubt, the BBC does not supply a random section of news items based purely on whatever happens to happen in the big, wide world. There are millions of newsworthy items every day, yet the BBC editors must select a tiny few to broadcast. Just what are its priorities in selecting, and what is it trying to do to the minds of people in the UK?

Here are a few observations I have made. Draw your own conclusions on why the BBC acts in this manner:

1. The daily promoting of female talents

There is never a day goes by when the BBC does not broadcast stories about successful women and promotes them as at least the intellectual equal of men. Have you noticed how whenever they require to get someone to speak on TV or radio in an intellectual manner they do their utmost to select a female person to do so? In particular if the subject matter is from a traditional male-dominated area such as science or engineering, they seek out the one woman in ten from those industries to come onto their programme and speak. All an attempt to promote the idea that there are as many women working in the traditional STEM subject areas as men. A blatant lie of course, but who wants to let the truth get in the way of a bit of social-engineering.

And now after every football match on TV, we have the compulsory female commentator (usually Alex, a bloke's name!) telling us all why male footballers played the game in a certain way, sitting alongside two other blokes who actually did play male football at the highest level and actually have some experience of the male game. The look on the blokes' faces when she speaks says it all. It's a look that says "I don't care a jot about your opinion but I'd better play along and look interested if I am to keep this rather lucrative career as a TV sports commentator! Is it really necessary to have a female commentator when there aren't any female players on the pitch? It's ridiculous!

2. Painting men in a negative manner

The BBC likes to broadcast lots of stories of men behaving badly, particularly if it involves domestic abuse, sexual harassment, paedophilia, acts of aggression and terrorism. It is true that men are more likely than women to be engaged in such matters, nonetheless women do take part in such activities also, yet you never get to hear of these instances. The objective is clear - diminish the integrity and worthiness of men.

3. The transgender agenda

Another of the BBC's favourite subject matters, the BBC loves to promote all kinds of gender partnerships as the moral equal of the traditional male-female relationship. So male-male, female-female, etc., all OK and all as normal as the traditional male-female relationship. And of course, if it can tell a few heart-warming stories of lesbian couples having children, so much the better, as it has the additional benefit of diminishing the importance of men in society (point 2. above).

4. Taxing the public

The government always wants more tax. The BBC is part of the government. So naturally the BBC will do all it can to convince us we should be taxed more. Drip, drip, drip, slowly but surely plant the idea of this in the public mind so that by the time the government gets around to taxing us more, we are almost all screaming at the government to get on with it. For example.......

The NHS is apparently struggling, so the BBC sends a few reporters out into the field, asks the public some fairly loaded questions (after reminding them how dire the NHS condition is), and gets them to state they would love to pay more tax to help the NHS. Almost certainly after convincing them that the "rich" would pay the additional tax, not them.

Then there are the myriad of scare stories surrounding the products we ingest (sugar, fizzy drinks, salty food, meat, etc.) and wouldn't it be a great idea if a tax was levied on them to stop us consuming them. Eh no, it wouldn't be a great idea because it wouldn't stop people consuming these products, it would only increase the price of them. Think minimum price of alcohol in Scotland.

The British public is currently taxed at a level close to its highest ever. If you add income tax, National Insurance, council tax and VAT together, which most workers pay all four, you will find you are already handing over, at the very least, 40-50% of your earned income to the government. Do you really want to pay even more?

5. The immigration/minority agenda

I'm getting bored now, so I will keep this one short. The BBC is constantly promoting the rights of minorities, people of other nationalities and races, and pretty much tries to imply that the indigenous Brit is racist and against immigration. It almost feels like it is putting indigenous Brits on a guilt trip for wanting to look after themselves. Why? Why?

A favourite theme of the BBC is to promote the idea that the country needs immigration to maintain our industries, particularly the hospitality and caring industries. Yet strangely enough it never suggests that steps are taken to put the unemployed to work to meet these needs. And never does it encourage indigenous Brits to have more children to create the workers of the future. So yet again you have the BBC being anti-family and anti-marriage.

Maybe that's why they call it Anti-BEEB!

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