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Aberdeen's Zip line to city centre from new Nigg Harbour nearly complete

The final safety checks on Aberdeen's new zipline, which aims to transport tourists arriving on cruise ships right into the heart of Union Street, are nearly complete.

Once the new zipline is in place, it is anticipated that this facility will draw tourists to the city, and create an experience like no other offered by any other Scottish city.

However, the local taxi board issued a statement saying, "this facility will deplete the customer base for our members and we do not support the introduction of this amenity".

Time will tell whether this facility will become a welcome addition to the tourist experience in Aberdeen, or merely a great white elephant, as many Aberdonians are predicting.

One Aberdonian, who wished to remain anonymous said "Ye couldnae mak this up. There's a cost o' living crisis on at the moment and a' the Cooncil wants to dae is provide thrill-seeking rides for tourists. They shouldnae be spending oor hard-earned Cooncil tax money on treats for tourists. At the very least they should be linking Mastrick or Kincorth to the city first, niver mind the new harbour. Citizens before tourists."

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