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World Bank expects Covid "Project" to last for 5 years

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Everyone should pay attention to the attached pdf document.

It describes how the World Bank views the coronavirus pandemic globally, and has set up what it describes as a "preparedness project" for its role in dealing with the pandemic.

On page 1 of 60 (actually the 6th page of the document), you can see that the World Bank has put an expected closing project date of 31 Mar 2025 on this "project".

That is just under 5 years away (and the project date can be extended) !

If anyone thought this pandemic and its effects was going to be over by next year, think again.

Here we have the global bankers making massive profit from catastrophe. Just like they did from two World Wars. Coincidence or deliberate? You decide.

Also note on page 48 of 60, that the World Bank has concerns that "Controlling the spread of COVID-19 spread may expose the government to criticism for the curtailment of civil rights due to the adoption of quarantines and other related measures"

And their response to this potential criticism is "we will support advocacy and coalition building to sensitize key groups including policy makers, the media, and religious leaders. This will be complemented by carefully designed mass communication campaigns to build support for response and mitigation measures among the wider population".

In other words, the World Bank is going to pay for the public to be "sensitized" with media campaigns. In my book, they mean "brain-washing".

Do not be fooled. Think for your self.

ps. remember that when the World Bank lends your country money, it simply means you the taxpayer will pay it back - with interest!

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