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Why I hope England are sent home after the first round

I really hope England are sent packing from the World Cup after the first round.

Is it because I am a rampant Scottish nationalist? ABE (anyone but England, etc). No.

It's because they are so unbearably arrogant and dumb.

I watched a documentary about previous World Cup winners last night. And they all had one thing in common. A ferocious team spirit, men that had played together since they were youths, and an absolute determination to play the best football and concentrate 110% on winning the Cup.

Nothing else distracted them from their cause. All they thought of was football and winning, football and winning, football and winning.

Contrast that with the current England squad. Wrapped up in concerns about wearing rainbow armbands and preaching morality lessons to the Qataris. They seem to forget one man's moral high ground is another man's sin.

They are frankly pathetic. And they do this to themselves before every major football tournament. There is always some non-football issue dominating the media instead of concentrating on the task in hand of winning the Cup.

Why do they do this every time? Why do they take their eye off the ball?

Because they are arrogant. So self-assured they can waltz past any other team without even trying.

Well I predict they won't even make it to the knockout stages. Possibly even get beat today by Iran.

England would do well to learn the lesson of Scotland who underestimated Iran in 1978 and could only manage a 1-1 draw.

But hey ho, I'm sure they will all be wearing their cute rainbow armbands and t-shirts when they land back in Blighty after the first round.

At least someone will still love them. The LGBT community!


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