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What's coming down the pipe (or pike)

Updated: Mar 16

As the lockdown from coronavirus eases, we are beginning to see the emergence of a new way of living being imposed upon us.

You might think that there really is no reason for society not to eventually return to the way we all used to live before, once the risk of infection becomes very minimal. But governments around the world are not going to pass up this remarkable opportunity to impose their will upon us all in a bid to satisfy their global ambitions.

Here's what we can all expect:

  1. Less freedom to use our cars - car use will be discouraged. Low emission zones will be introduced in city centres, and at the very heart of our cities, car use will be banned altogether. The use of bicycles will be less of a choice, and more of a necessity. Just imagine that in a Scottish winter!

  2. Less availability of public transport - with so many seats being taped off to bring about social distancing, there simply won't be enough public transport to accommodate everyone. So you will be forced to take to foot or bicycle whether you want to or not.

  3. Less flights - you can forget about having your annual holiday trip to Spain. With so many airlines bankrupt, those that survive will require to increase their prices drastically, bringing an end to the "cheap" holiday abroad. Rich businessmen will of course still be able to enjoy air flights, but the masses.... they can forget it.

  4. Home working - this will be strongly encouraged in an attempt to keep the masses out of their cars and off public transport.

  5. Staggered work hours - in a bid to prevent the limited public transport being overwhelmed, people will be encouraged to stagger their starting work times. Or preferably just work from home.

  6. An end to paper money and coinage - "hold in your hand" currency (or should that be "under the mattress" currency) will eventually be eliminated under the guise of preventing virus transmission. Younger people will love this, thinking it is far more convenient doing monetary transactions through their mobiles or credit cards, and of course, easing the way for governments to impose this on us all. Older people with life savings and pensions, and who don't have credit cards, will suffer the most from this. However we should all be very worried about this change. Once all our monies exist only electronically, we are all totally at the mercy of governments, who can steal, withold, or even wipe out our savings at their whim. All they need to do is call their heist a "tax". And that tax is most surely coming down the line to pay for all the coronavirus handouts.

  7. Negative interest rates - another scheme that will be described by governments as necessary, and talked about in very complex terms that the public has no hope of understanding. But the truth of the matter is that it is simply a government heist. Whenever the government needs money there is only one place they can get it - and that is from those that either make it or have saved it. Savers are an easy target and making them pay to keep money in the bank is no more than a heist that no one can avoid. Think of the government as a bunch of gangsters similar to the Mafia, and you are not far off the mark.

  8. High inflation - what better way to reduce government debt than to bring about rampant inflation? And of course as inflation soars to nearly 10%, you will be getting no interest on your savings at all. In fact you will be paying the banks for holding your money! You see banks don't really need your money, as they can simply print as much as they like, any time they like (and they do, they call it "quantitative easing"). That promise written on very bank note....well, it isn't worth the paper it is printed on!

  9. Population control - this one is a little further off than some of the measures above, maybe 5-10 years off. But it's coming. People will be restricted to having no more than two children. You see, the globalists that seek to run the world (they are virtually there anyway) don't want too many of you ("useless eaters" that you are) consuming the earth's resources, contaminating the environment, and generally getting in the way of the elites, who want all the nice things in life for themselves, and only themselves. It doesn't take long to drastically reduce the human population. If you were to stop everyone having children for only a mere 40 years, you could virtually wipe out the human race! Old people would die off, and those capable of reproduction would have missed the boat, so to speak. So by limiting everyone to no more than 2 children, and bearing in mind that not everyone will have children, you begin to reduce the human population at quite a reasonable rate. Though you can be sure, that the elites will be given a legal opt-out, probably based upon them having a wealth that permits them to have extra children. (ps. another good way to reduce the population is wars, pandemics and women's liberation, but that's a story for another post!) This is what it is all about. You are cattle. You have a use, but only in terms of creating the infrastructure and services that gives the globalist elites their extremely high quality of life. Previous prime ministers Blair, Brown and Major are already calling for the G20 to get together early so they can get moving on their global government ambitions. You, you count for nothing. To them, you are but cattle to be milked and slaughtered when the time is right.

If only the future looked this bright.........
If only the future looked this bright...........



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