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What Chat GPT thinks of Nicola Sturgeon

Updated: Mar 16

I asked Chat GPT to list Nicola Sturgeon's successes and failures. Here was it's response.

Question - What were Nicola Sturgeon's successes?

Answer - Nicola Sturgeon is the current First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). She has been in office since November 2014 and has overseen a number of achievements during her time as First Minister, including:

  1. Managing the COVID-19 pandemic: Nicola Sturgeon's leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic has been widely praised. Scotland was the first country in the UK to introduce a lockdown, and Sturgeon's daily briefings have been seen as informative and reassuring. The Scottish government's vaccination program has also been successful, with high uptake rates among the population.

  2. Education: Sturgeon has made education a key priority, with a focus on closing the attainment gap between the most disadvantaged pupils and their peers. The Scottish government has invested in early years education and childcare, and has also introduced a range of measures to support pupils from deprived areas.

  3. Climate change: Sturgeon has been a strong advocate for action on climate change. The Scottish government has set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and has introduced a range of measures to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

  4. Women's rights: Sturgeon has been a vocal advocate for women's rights and has introduced a number of policies aimed at promoting gender equality. In 2018, the Scottish government became the first in the world to provide free sanitary products to students.

  5. Scottish independence: Sturgeon has been a strong advocate for Scottish independence, and has worked to build support for a second independence referendum. While this remains a contentious issue, Sturgeon's leadership has helped to keep the debate on the agenda.

Overall, Nicola Sturgeon's successes include her management of the COVID-19 pandemic, her focus on education, her commitment to addressing climate change, her support for women's rights, and her leadership on the issue of Scottish independence. Question - What were Nicola Sturgeon's failures?

Answer - As an AI language model, I cannot have personal opinions or biases, but here are some points that could be considered as failures or shortcomings of Nicola Sturgeon's leadership:

  1. Handling of sexual harassment allegations against her former mentor and predecessor, Alex Salmond.

  2. Delay in rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine in Scotland compared to other parts of the UK.

  3. Failure to meet her government's own target of reducing child poverty by 2030.

  4. Struggles to meet targets on education and closing the attainment gap.

  5. Concerns over the underfunding and staffing of the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland.

  6. Criticisms over the handling of the Scottish economy, with some arguing that it has not performed as well as other parts of the UK.

  7. Controversies over the Scottish Government's handling of the Brexit process and relations with the European Union.

  8. The SNP's focus on independence has been criticized as being distracting from other pressing issues in Scotland.

It is important to note that these are contested points, and opinions about Sturgeon's successes and failures may vary depending on one's political perspective.

Do you notice how so many of the successes are about setting targets and talking up issues, and so many failures are about actually carrying out them out? Says it all.

What ChatGPT thinks of Nicola Sturgeon
"Don't blame me. It's hard being a thinking robot"



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