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We're doomed!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

There is absolutely no chance of the human race saving the planet and themselves to boot by being environmentally friendly.

Why do I say this? Because ever since modern man came into existence, the human race has worked to improve its quality of life by plundering the planet's natural resources. All industrialisation has involved some kind of tearing up and polluting the planet to make a buck.

Millennia ago, land was mined and dug up to find gold. Nowadays, large mining companies have no qualms about tearing up hundreds of square miles of forest to grab the few specks of gold that can be obtained from every hectare.

Do you really believe that electric cars are environmentally friendly? Do you not have even a glimmer of suspicion that this is just the global tech companies playing its usual game of telling you that current technology is outdated and you need to leave it behind, dip into your bank account and buy the latest thing? We've had it with vinyl music albums, VCR recorders, CRT televisions, music tape cassettes, CDs, MP3s, wind-up watches, buy diesel cars (no, change of mind, don't buy diesel cars).

This current propoganda to buy electric cars is just another (albeit more expensive) con to get you to leave your current technology behind and go spend a few ten thousand pounds on a new electric car. Take my word for it, 40 years from now, electric cars will be abandoned on the basis they are no longer sufficiently environmentally friendly and that we need to switch to hydrogen powered cars. Why not go to hydrogen powered cars right away? The answer is that car manufacturers will not go straight there because they can can squeeze 40 years of money out of the public first on electric cars, before switching to hydrogen powered cars, when they squeeze another 40 years of money out of them.

Electric cars are NOT environmentally friendly. Think about the amount of iron that requires to be mined to make them. And what about all the rare minerals that require to be mined to power the car batteries? And the enormous environmental damage that is caused when every street in every city needs to be torn up to install charging machines. Powered tools will be needed to do all this work, which will require power stations or fuel to power them.

And what about the H2S rail project getting the go-ahead? Or the proposed bridge link from Northern Ireland to Scotland. This is simply political grandstanding from Boris Johnson who wants to be seen as a Unionist and leave a legacy as a great British visionary. Environmental damage doesn't come into it.

Great Thunberg is quite correct. Politicians are simply not taking the environmental message on board. Economists are simply unable to think in environmentally friendly ways because economics relies on ripping up the planet.

Just imagine if Boris Johnson had said "No we are not building a bridge and we are not building HS2 because it will damage the environment". He is never going to say that as he diminishes himself and opens himself to criticism.

The simple truth is that humans are not prepared to live in an environmentally friendly manner because it means giving up travel, giving up holidays, giving up central heating, giving up supermarkets full of food, giving up electrical power, etc. etc. And who wants that?

We are all kidding ourselves.

Mother nature will have the final words, and those words may well be "Goodbye Homo sapien".

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