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Union Street Pub Crawl

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

·Includes all 9 pubs on Union Street

·The aim of the crawl is to get around all 9 pubs and have one drink in each.

To make it even more exciting you can:

o Set yourself a time limit for completion (e.g. 3 hours), and/or

o Aim to have a different drink in each pub

· Start at Boho Bar (150 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1QX)

· Head westwards towards Holburn Junction, visiting Molly Malones, Vovem and McGinty’s.

· Cross over Union Street and head for The Justice Mill

· Continue eastwards down the South side of Union Street, visiting The Howff, Soul, The Grill, finally finishing at Brewdog.

Always consume alcohol responsibly.

A printable summary of the Union Street Pub Crawl is available at the foot of the page, courtesy of

Pub 1 - Boho Bar

Pub 2 - Molly Malones

Pub 3 - Vovem

Pub 4 - McGinty's

Pub 5 - The Justice Mill

Pub 6 - The Howff

Pub 7 - Soul

Pub 8 - The Grill

Pub 9 (the last) - Brewdog

Your printable Pub crawl guide is below

Union Street Pub Crawl
Download PDF • 626KB

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