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The UK government , MHRA and TV news channels are playing Russian roulette with your life

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Have you noticed this?

That the media, particularly the TV news media, are all over you like a rash when it comes to showing you distressing images of people dying from Covid and their upset relatives.

Yet, to date, 30 people in the UK have been damaged by the AstraZeneca vaccination, including 7 that have died.

That's 7 people that were effectively put to death by an injection. 7 innocent people.

In the USA, you would need to have committed a cold-blooded murder to be euthanised in this way.

And yet not a single interview with a distressed relative shown on any TV news channel.

If ever you needed proof that the news isn't an informative unbiased media but rather a propaganda instrument for the government, then this is it.

Don't you want to know how those 30 people were affected, their symptoms, the stories of their relatives, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to accept the AstraZeneca vaccination? I do. I want all the information I can get.

And did you know that there is a standard payout maximum for any damage done to your health by a vaccination. It's £120,000. Look it up on the internet.

There's why governments are not concerned about the deaths and damage. Because as things currently stand, 30 cases will only cost them a maximum of £3.6 million. Peanuts to a government. And it's you the taxpayer's money anyway!!

All the government and MHRA keep saying is that the risk of death is far greater from Covid than from the vaccination. That is not an acceptable reason to continue with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Vaccines are not meant to kill you, they are meant to be safe.

All of this proves that the development and approval process for the AstraZeneca vaccine was rushed and failed to pick up its inherent dangers. Rushed so that AZ could be the first to market and pocket the huge profits. Rushed so that Boris could brag about being the first prime minister to open up his country.

Had these deaths been recorded during the clinical assessment process, this vaccine could not have been approved for the market, and therefore should not be on the market.

I believe the AstraZeneca vaccine should be taken off the market, and replaced by other, safer alternatives.

The government and the MHRA are playing Russian roulette with your life.

Taking the Astra Zeneca vaccine is like playing Russian roulette
Taking the Astra Zeneca vaccine is like playing Russian roulette

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