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The State's tentacles tighten their grip on your money

So the UK Government are seeking the legal right to delve into everyone's bank accounts in order to check that they are not committing benefit fraud.

For example they might wish to check that those that have more than £16,000 in the bank aren't claiming benefits, because that would be illegal.

Fine you might say, "I'm all for catching benefit cheats".

The trouble is that there is a much more sinister reason behind this desire, and it may surprise you to learn that the Government has already conducted pilot trials on several thousand sample sets, and are raring to make this law by 2025 (yes, that's right, by next year!)

So what's the problem?

Well the problem is that we the public are being misled into accepting an IT-led society where we are all acutely controlled by the government.


Step 1 - Eliminate paper money. All money transactions to be electronic.

Tick. Accomplished. When was the last time you used cash? Probably a long time ago.

Step 2 - Gain the legal right to look at anyone's bank account.

Half-ticked. Pilot trials have been carried out and it's green for go. These new measures are part of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, currently under consideration in the house of Lords. When (not if) the legislation is passed, it will come into effect in 2025.

Once a successful data-sharing agreement has been established between the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and banks, the policy will be rolled out and be fully operational by 2030/2031.

Of course, initially the government will say they are only looking at accounts if fraud is suspected, but in no time at all, they will be routinely monitoring everyone's accounts.

Step 3 - Introduce a Wealth Tax

Not yet, but it's coming.

A wealth tax will be introduced on all accounts holding more than a prescribed amount. Possibly £1 million pounds, but perhaps £500,000 or even £100,000. Initially the rate charged will be low, perhaps around 1% per annum, in order to quell public disquiet, but the option to continually raise the amount every time the government is short of money, will be ever-present.

And it's not as if 1% of £1 million is small. That's £10,000! Just imagine if you are a pensioner who worked hard all their life, accrued savings to see themselves through to their end (including paying for extortionate care home fees; currently typically £100,000 per annum) and then find themselves having to hand over this sum of money every year. On top of inflation and low savings interest rates, their money will drain down in no time at all!

Step 4 - Use unbridled access to everyone's accounts to redistribute wealth and create a "fairer" society

Not yet, but it's coming.

That's the future. A society governed on socialist principles by a government that will have unfettered access to everyone's bank accounts so they can redistribute wealth and use your money as they see fit. And it doesn't matter whether the government is Conservative, Labour or SNP - they are all socialist parties nowadays given the country is bankrupt !

The current UK government is already planning on persuading pension companies to invest YOUR pension in British governmental projects, so don't tell me they wouldn't do this. They have reached Stage 2 of the Plan, and Stage 3 will be next.

You have been warned !

Rishi Sunak looking over your bank statement for money he can take
Rishi Sunak looking over your bank statement for money he can steal


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