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The solution to traffic congestion is less roads (apparently) !

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I really had to wipe my eyes on this one when I read my daily newspaper.

The Scottish government is apparently concerned that when lockdown lifts we shall all stop using public transport for fear of catching coronvirus, and shall instead take to our cars. Everyone will apparently avoid public transport like the plague (no pun intended), and use their own cars to go everywhere, especially to work in the morning and home in the evening.

They may well be right, that makes sense.

But the Scottish government's solution to this problem is the opposite of common sense. It is nonsensical.

Apparently, they intend to reduce the number of lanes used by cars on our roads. Yes, you heard that correctly. They intend to solve traffic congestion caused to private vehicles by reducing the number of lanes available to private vehicles.

That's a bit like reducing the congestion at the gates of Pittodrie at the end of a football match by shutting one side of the two gates normally opened.

Yup, I couldn't believe what I was reading either.

If anyone had any doubts that this lockdown would be turned into an opportunity for governments to ram through policies that they have wanted to pursue for years, but never had the opportunity, well now you are seeing it.

Clearly the Scottish government just want to get cars off the roads, particularly in cities, and even though we shall need them more than ever, the government is doing the exact opposite and taking the means to use them away.

Look out for more unwanted societal changes coming your way and pushed through on the backs of the coronavirus pandemic. Universal basic income and the complete replacement of cash with electronic money and electronic chips implanted in your hands are some of the most likely.

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