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The real aim of the pandemic is to bankrupt every nation

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Isn't it strange how just when you start to think that the coronavirus pandemic is getting better, the government sends the country into reverse and starts locking everything down again.

Just when you hope that things are getting back to normal, and very few are dying, the restrictions start tightening again.

And the real reason for this is that the public are being led a merry dance.

The truth is that all nations are being led down a road towards bankruptcy, and it is all very deliberate.

"That's ridiculous" you might say. "Why would any government bankrupt itself?"

Well, take a look at Germany. They are continuing their furlough scheme until the end of 2021.

And France is extending its scheme until June 2022!

And Sturgeon is pressing for similar extensions in the UK.

The debt that this will load onto these countries is simply unsustainable. These countries will go bankrupt and their leaders know it, and are endorsing it.

Globally-acting institutions rule the world, not national governments.

Institutions like the United Nations, The World Health Organisation, international banks, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (in the UK) and the Council on Foreign Relations (in the US) all direct national governments throughout the world on the policies they must introduce and follow.

These organisations are deliberately guiding all nations throughout the world to bankrupt themselves.

Then, around the end of 2021 when many many nations are bankrupt, the global banks and the World Bank will step in with loans, claiming they must do this to "save" the people of all these nations from starvation, joblessness, etc.

They will insist that before these loans are offered that all nations must sign up to governance by a global institution, one that has been set up to ensure that "this catastrophe must never happen again". The ruse to lay the foundations of a global government will have worked.

From that point onwards, with every nation in unsustainable debt, all nations will have no choice but to accept this new governance, which will rapidly expand its tentacles into all our lives. The new organisation will eventually move from being an institution to support recovery, to one that claims to be supporting growth.

The new global government will eradicate cash (under the guise that it carries disease) and force us all to accept that money can only exist digitally.

Once a digital money system is established, microchipping the world's population will occur under the guise that it is more convenient than carrying plastic cards.

Then every person on Earth will be given a unique number, and its details along with other personal details will be held on that chip, and will be able to be read by surveillance cameras.

Eventually no one will be able to do anything, spend anything or go anywhere without being tracked.

If you do not behave yourself and obey the new organisation, you will have no access to electronic money, or if you have been chipped, the money will be removed or suspended on your chip.

Only the global elites who own and operate the system will be able to rise above the global system's reach.

It is a frightening future. But you are already getting a taste of how easily your freedoms can be taken away.

You are being told not to meet your family. You comply.

You are being told to wear a mask everywhere you go, all day long. You comply.

You are being told you will accept a vaccination that is not licensed despite the great risk it may damage your health long-term. You will comply.

Do not be fooled. It is time to start thinking for yourself.


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