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The next Aberdeen FC manager

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

There is no question Stephen Glass will be the next Aberdeen FC manager.

How do I know this?

Quite simply, because before his name was in the frame, you had never heard his name mentioned. That tells you something. Before his name entered the frame, his name was as likely to come up in fans' conversation as Rumpelstiltskin.

But fans should beware. If I am correct in reading between the lines here, a rather depressing few years lies ahead for the fans if Glass does not shape up. And as well as that, I fear there is a back story here about how Aberdeen FC got itself into this position. Here is how I think the story goes.

  • Davie Cormack is gutted about losing £10 million quid over the last year due to fans not getting into stadiums because of Covid-19 restrictions

  • Cormack tells McInnes some action must be taken to get some money back. He tells McInnes, "We must sell Cosgrove. We can get £2 million for him. And while you are at it, sell anyone else you can".

  • Reluctantly, McInnes agrees, and Curtis Main also goes, and Bruce Anderson is put out on loan

  • Inevitably without a decent striker, the Reds cannot find the net for love nor money.

  • Cormack then thinks, "Now I have an excuse to also offload McInnes and Doherty, and get their salaries off the books". Another £0.5 million a year saved.

  • I need a manager thinks Cormack, where can I get one that will cost next to nothing.

  • "Ah, what about that guy Glass managing the second string in Atlanta. He's already on the payroll, I would hardly have to pay him anything extra if I make him the next Aberdeen manager"

  • And lo and behold, Glass will soon be the next manager.

But I tell any readers here this. If Glass does not shape up, the tide will turn against Cormack and the Atlanta business link-up, and the fans will see Cormack for what he really is. A businessman, and nothing more. He could not care less if Aberdeen win trophies, as long as he doesn't lose any money, and better still if he makes some.

And inevitably, McInnes and Doherty will begin to look like apple pie, and it will be seen that McInnes was a fall guy at the hands of Cormack.

As McInnes may well have said to Cormack, "Et tu Brute?"


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