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The litterbugs are back!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Boy was I relieved when the redevelopment of Union Terrace Gardens began and all that horrible, gaudy, illegible scribbles on pieces of paper and cardboard stuck to the safety barriers erected over Union Bridge were finally removed.

Scribbles about mental health that looked like someone had emptied three dustbins of paper litter on the street and it had caught in the wind and got stuck on the safety barriers.

What are the Council so afraid of? We all pay our Council tax for the streets to be kept clean so what gives these graffiti artists the right to plaster their controversial paperwork in public locations? And why don't the Council do what they are paid to do and take this illegal mess down?

And here it is happening all over again. The railings at the Duthie Park and Victoria Park are daubed in political messaging scribbled on the usual crass array of cardboard and paper. As are the safety barriers outside Marischal College.

Come on Council. Get your finger out and remove this offensive mess immediately. But I know you won't. Too scared you will offend the left liberal class that seems to have rights that no one else in society has. A class that doesn't have to answer to the law like the rest of us.

These public places are supposedly Aberdeen's jewels. What a joke. Aberdeen's jewels are beginning to look like costume jewellery bought from a jumble sale. God help any tourist arriving in the new Aberdeen harbour that comes across these messes. They won't rush back in a hurry.

I wonder which will happen first? The completion of the new harbour and the the arrival of tourists by cruise ship or the removal of the rain-sodden cardboard mess from the railings at Duthie Park, Victoria Park, Marischal College and other Aberdeen locations. It's a hard one to call.

Post-note: Noted that the posters were gone from around Marischal College on 26 June. Well done for removing these!

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