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The Electric Car ownership myth

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So we are all going to give up our petrol and diesel cars and switch to electric cars.

Or are we? At least, that's what the media would have you believe.

The Scottish and UK governments have banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. That is less than 9 years away!

The media discussion around this event tries to convince us to switch to electric cars before then.

But how can we? There aren't enough charging points. Nothing like it. What are people living in tenements supposed to do. Hang a lead outside their flat window to the street below (I have seen this done for someone working under the bonnet by the pavement)?

Anyway, don't sweat it. There never was an intention to put in sufficient charging points nor to expect all drivers to switch to electric cars. That is just the media lie sold to the public to make you think your freedom to roam in your own vehicle will persist beyond 2030.

By the time we get within 2 years of 2030 and you start panicking about how you will charge your electric car that you still have to buy, it will be too late.

The truth is that the government doesn't want everyone that currently has a petrol or diesel car to switch.

A deliberate lack of charging points and a deliberately high price for electric cars will mean probably less than 40% of current car owners will be able to acquire one.

The government intention is that you will get on the bus - the electric or hydrogen one.

And you will. Because there won't be any other alternative. Well maybe an electric bike.

You see the government is cracking down on all forms of travel that cause environmental harm. No summer holidays abroad on fuel guzzling planes (Covid allegedly), no using cars in city centres (get on your bike), and most importantly no private vehicle ownership (except for those that have to use them - folk like politicians, the Royal family and elite businessmen).

Joe Public must get on public transport.

Enjoy the next 8.5 years in your private vehicle. It may well be your last.

Only a select few will be able to enjoy electric charging
Only a select few will be able to enjoy electric charging

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