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Sturgeon using alcohol prohibition as a smack on the bum for the public

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

  • Don't drink alcohol

  • Don't drink alcohol

  • Don't drink alcohol

I can hear Sturgeon shrieking this message.

But I do not believe there is any good science that says if you stop people drinking alcohol, the virus will not spread.

So why is this Sturgeon's primary response to tackling Covid-19?

There is little correlation between the drinking of alcohol and the virus spreading.

Alcohol is not contaminated with the virus.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes all now have social distancing measures designed into them.

The simple truth is that Sturgeon cannot abide to see the public still managing to be happy whilst she is clearly working her butt off but getting nowhere in her futile attempts to halt the spread of the virus.

Basically, she is pissed off because the virus is not listening to her, the public are no longer listening to her, and she is mad as hell about that, so she is going to make the public suffer just like she is suffering, by taking away alcohol, one of their main sources of pleasure.

Alcohol prohibition is not being used as a scientific measure to stop the virus spreading.

It is simply a smack on the bum from Sturgeon for daring to be happy when she is pissed off.

And that is no way for the First Minister of Scotland to behave.

It is an illogical, emotional nonsense from a woman that has lost the plot, hasn't a clue what to do, wants to blame the public, and punish them at the same time.

What next? Stop supermarkets selling alcohol? Turn off all TV at 10pm and have wardens patrolling the streets to make sure we are all in our beds by 10pm?

That may sound ridiculous but it is no more ridiculous than stopping the sale of alcohol, as dreamt up by Empress Sturgeon, the demented, crazy, mad woman.

Prohibition -  courtesy of Sturgeon
Prohibition - courtesy of Sturgeon


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