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Sturgeon - the hardened feminist

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

There I was thinking how good it would be if football could be played behind closed doors and broadcast on the TV. Suddenly social isolation wouldn't be so bad, and I would be finding the depressing effects of social isolation slightly less so.

But no. True to form, Empress Sturgeon stands on her podium and tells half the population (those with a Y chromosome) that she will not alleviate their suffering. Because we men are real rotters that must be made to suffer. No football, not even on TV.

Sturgeon's anti-male credentials have been put on public display many times.

First there was the time when she made John Swinney stand before the public and preach that the vast majority of sexual crime was caused by men, and that men must really change their behaviour. Too scared to do it herself, and knowing that the message carries more weight when conveyed by a man.

Recently, she presided over a government that took her predecessor Alex Salmond to court on 11 counts of sexual crime. And he was acquitted on every single count. Not to mention that the initial investigation carried out internally was shown to be biased and flawed.

Now, when it is muted that football could be played behind closed doors and broadcast into our homes, she kills the idea dead. No, this lady is not going to allow us brutish men to have any relief through this crisis. Because in her eyes we are all brutes, and will immediately gather in large numbers with crates of beer in someone's living room to watch the game. What a low opinion she has of men. I am quite capable of staying in my living room on my own to watch the game. I don't see Sturgeon banning chick-flicks in case women gather in a living room to watch it.

I know she will be purring with pleasure, like a cat that got the creme, as she continues her assault on the male race. But her time in politics is nearly up. C'mon Alex, bring it on.

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