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Sturgeon is like the Cat that got the Cream

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

What a week it has been for Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland. She is like the Cat that got the Cream. All her Birthdays have come at once.

The 3 things that Empress Sturgeon hates the most - Men, Football and Aberdeen - have all been on the end of a Nicola ticking-off, and boy has she enjoyed it.

We know she hates men, ever since she got that neap John Swinney to stand up and declare men need to take a look at themselves because they are the cause of nearly all sexual crimes in Scotland.

Then this week we had a few Aberdeen FC football players go for a night out, and two of them ending up testing positive for Coronavirus. Allegedly they have broke some rules put together by Sturgeon and her female chummies that says if you dare to enjoy yourself as a footballer she is going to take the ball away and no give you it back.

And finally, she has shut all the bars, pubs and restaurants in Aberdeen because the virus decided it rather preferred living in Aberdeen to Glasgow or Dundee. Well, who wouldn't? !!

Yip, Sturgeon is lapping it up, all her lovely cream.

But one thing she must bear in mind is this. You have set the bar for local lockdowns, Nicola. I now look forward to you doing the same in your favourite cities, Glasgow and Dundee, where your fan base largely resides. I look forward to you treating those cities with the same strictness when the coronavirus infection rates take off in these cities too.

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