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So what Aberdeen City Council genius closed both bridges at the Dee at the same time?

You couldn't make it up, someone is having a laugh surely?

As if closing one Bridge of Dee isn't bad enough, the Aberdeen City Council Transport dept has approved closing both bridges at the Dee AT THE SAME TIME !!

You cannot cross the King George VI bridge in a northerly direction and you cannot cross the old Bridge of Dee in a southerly direction.

Cue: endless lines of traffic stuck in jams down Great Southern Road and along Riverside Drive, hours of waiting, and stressed drivers performing U-turns all over the place to escape this Council-imposed insanity.

Then of course there is the closing of College Street causing huge tailbacks along Guild Street, Market street and Bridge Street.

You would almost think those working in the Council Transport Dept had a sadistic streak. Maybe someone told them public sector workers hadn't enjoyed the same rate of pay increase in recent years as those working in the private sector. If so, maybe it's because they don't deserve it.

Are you kidding me? Both closed at the SAME TIME?

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