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SNP takes a leaf out of Nazi playbook in Double Council Tax premiums (in Scotland)

Updated: Mar 16

The Scottish National Party (SNP), or should I say Scottish Nazi Party, has decided to take a leaf out of the German Nazi Party playbook.

Just like the Germans persecuted the Jews in the 1930s before the Second World War, the SNP has decided to persecute holiday home (also known as second home) owners in Scotland the same way.

In 1930s Germany, Hitler convinced the German people who were suffering poverty in the face of war reparations after the First World War, that apparently wealthy Jews were stealing their money, and were the root cause of German ills.

Thus began a persecution campaign against Jewish businesses where "Jude" was daubed on Jewish shop and business windows, and Germans were told not to shop or do business with them. Eventually under such sustained persecution, many Jews fled their homes and businesses and left Germany with nothing. And these were the lucky ones. Those that remained ended up in concentration camps where they were gassed to death.

Many times since, the question has been asked, "How did the native German people not resist this appalling treatment of fellow human beings?". The answer of course is that governments can easily brainwash their citizens to hate other fellow beings by telling them that those other people are the cause of their problems.

And here we have the same thing going on today, in Scotland of all places would you believe, where second home owners who legitimately purchased their properties are being hounded out of their properties by a government intent on raising their Council Tax to 2, 3 or even 4 times that of other home owners.

Since when did we live in a society that prevented people from enjoying the benefits of their own spending?

Since when did Council Tax cease to be a charge for services rendered, but a tax to be used politically to persecute decent citizens out of their homes?

Since when did it become effectively illegal for people to own more than one home?

Because make no mistake this is political gesturing by a Scottish Nazi party with an inherent dislike of anyone of moderate wealth, and who rather than levelling up society, wishes to level it down.

Second home owners are not necessarily wealthy. Many are decent ordinary citizens who purchased a second home for convenience, or pleasure, or relaxation, whatever. None of this is criminal.

Nor are second homes stopping others from purchasing homes. There are very few places in Scotland where the availability of housing is reduced by the presence of second homes.

If the government did not want second homes to exist they should have simply outlawed the purchase of them. But rather than be honest about infringing people's human rights, they prefer to be sleekit and drive people out of their homes by taxing them to breaking point, and forcing them to sell up.

The populas must cast aside their envy and reflex dislike of second home owners. Because otherwise the SNP government is leading us all down the same slippery slope that the Nazi party took the German people down in the 1930s and 1940s.

We are being taken down a path where our human rights and civil liberties are being eroded. One where we are told what we can and cannot spend our money on, where we cannot own more than one home, and probably eventually where we can or cannot live, travel, eat or sleep.

Do not let the Scottish Nazi party turn you into a hateful German citizen of the 1930s.




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