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Shona Robison delivers the Scottish Budget of a Muppet

Updated: Mar 15

Honestly, what are the the SNP Government like?

Shona Robison delivered a budget on the 20th December 2023 that gives all the impression of having been dreamt up by a muppet.

Another budget; another tax rise (again) for the higher paid in society.

There's a few things the SNP don't seem to understand:

  • they don't understand that the money people earn is THEIR money not the government's, and that continually taking excessive amounts is no better than the behaviour of a common thief

  • they don't understand that the higher paid in society have earned the right to higher pay because they have studied harder, work harder and take on more responsibility than lesser paid workers. They did not get there through luck. And they only continue to earn higher pay if they continue to shoulder those demands.

  • they ignore the fact that many qualified people made the sacrifice of student years without pay in order to reap the rewards later on in their career.

  • they do not understand that higher paid workers are generally tied into lifestyles that require higher pay. They may have a larger than average mortgage, they may have a car that costs higher PCP payments, they may have to pay for private tuition for their children and they may have higher maintenance costs and will most certainly have higher Council tax bills for their larger homes, and perhaps second homes. It is beyond ignorance to assume such people can just drop out of their lifestyles at the drop of a hat.

  • they do not understand that if you continually pull the rug out from under higher earners then no one will bother trying to improve their lot in life, because what is the point if your rewards are going to be taken from you?

  • they say no one is leaving Scotland because of higher tax. Well, of course not, as no one ups and leaves their family and friends behind every time income tax rates increase. But make no mistake, no businessman will want to come and start a business in Scotland given the higher costs in running that business due to skilled workers requiring higher pay to make up for higher rates of income tax. And no skilled worker is going to leave England or other European countries with lower income tax rates to come and work in Scotland.

  • they say immigration numbers to Scotland have increased as a counter argument. The trouble with that argument is that it is the very low skilled workers requiring benefits that are coming here, not the higher skilled workers with entrepreneurial outlooks.

Time and again, we see the SNP fail in their own attempts to run the economy, then seek to solve the shortfall in income by taking more from those that have higher than average salaries. Why? Because it is the only thing they can think to do. They are clueless.

This cannot go on indefinitely.

What we are seeing here is a government that knows that those that vote SNP are by and large at the poorer end of the income scale, and so by attacking the higher paid members of society, they are not attacking their own supporters. This is a government that cares only to keep itself in power, so that their MSPs can continue to feather their own nests.

But the SNP are meant to be running the entire country, not just serving those that vote SNP.

It is a fact of life that their will always be people who have greater skill or talent in a particular field than someone else. And these are the people that will eventually earn the right to a higher salary. But the SNP vision of equality is to stifle talent and prosperity with excessive tax rates for such people.

The SNP vision of Scotland appears to be a land where everyone should have a basic standard of living but nothing higher. The poor are to be fed off the pap of the State and the talented are to be held back to share in a basic standard of living, but nothing better.

It is total folly. If this is to continue we will soon see larger homes lying derelict in ruin, abandoned by their owners, expensive cars rotting in car dealer car parks, private schools closing down as parents can no longer afford the fees, and Scotland a business wasteland where no one wants to build the next factory.

What a miserable vision for Scotland.

One dreamt up by a muppet and her muppet master Yousaf.



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