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Scottish independence bolstered by Liz Truss appointment

Whatever you think of Liz Truss, her appointment as the new Conservative prime minister is almost certain to bolster the chances of a successful Scottish independence referendum.

Throughout her election pitch, Truss claimed to be a supporter of the Union, yet spoke about the UK as if it ends at the border with Scotland.

Her comment that she will ignore Nicola Sturgeon plays right into the hands of those that claim the London government barely knows that Scotland exists.

And today in her election victory speech she spoke about "Boris Johnson being admired from Kyiv to Carlisle". Sorry did she say "Carlisle"? Aren't there Tory seats in Scotland? Ones like "Banff and Buchan, Moray or Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine". Why didn't she say some of these instead of Carlisle, or does she just not know that there is a place called Scotland, north of Carlisle?

Scottish voters will be unable to differentiate this woman from the broadly-hated Margaret Thatcher, whose only remaining redeeming feature in many Scottish minds, is that she is dead.

Truss espouses so many hated London-centric policies such as tax cuts for the rich.

And she seems to have the unfortunate trait of speaking first and thinking second, often dropping herself in it.

Her dislikeable habit of chopping and changing her position on matters the moment someone points out the foolishness of her stance (e.g. regional pay for public servants) reveals a woman with poor judgement that will rely heavily upon others for sensible guidance. Not what you want from someone with their finger on the nuclear button and the responsibility to react appropriately to Putin's actions.

None of this bodes well for holding the UK Union together. Next Oct, it is quite possible she will be the most hated woman in Scotland, and Sturgeon will have played a master-stroke in her timing of a Scottish independence referendum.

Liz Truss is smiling now, but watch the UK Union disintegrate
Liz Truss is smiling now, but watch the UK Union disintegrate


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