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Russia and Ukraine: another bank-created global problem?

Don't you find it more than a little co-incidental that global events putting the fear of God into people seem to occur nose to tail over the years?

Almost as if they are pre-scripted?

I mean Brexit was never off our screens, but as soon as it was finally resolved after approx. 4 long years of to-ing and fro-ing, the Covid pandemic came along on cue.

Then, for the past three years, the global public have been terrified (literally to death) by the Covid pandemic.

And yet, now, just as the Covid restrictions and accompanying fear are about to lift, a new global crisis (a potential European war between the West and Russia), comes along on cue.

You don't think they are connected? I think they are.

They say when you are looking to find the source or cause of a man-made problem, you should look for the party that will benefit from it.

And do you know who benefited from Brexit and the Covid pandemic? And who will benefit from a European war?

The banks, of course!

All these crises need money to fund them, and who lends out money?

The banks, of course!

As ever, the peasantry suffer while the bankers fill their pockets.

It is the story of the last four centuries.

The sad thing is that most people do not recognise it.


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