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Press and Journal refused to publish my letter

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Wrote the following letter to the P&J. But they wouldn't publish it, which is funny because they usually print any letter that is sent to them.

The letter:

I am absolutely outraged that our Council leaders and local police chief authorised the “Black Lives Matters” demonstration down Union Street, last Saturday. This was completely contrary to current coronavirus lockdown legislation, published by the Scottish Government, and enforced by Police Scotland through a system of fines. The vast majority of Aberdonians have spent the last three months obeying this legislation at great hardship to themselves. That Aberdeen City Council and the local police force should authorise breaking the law, by taking a political stance that puts the lives of all Aberdonians at risk, is nothing short of scandalous. Not only should our Council leaders (Laing, Boulton and Lumsden) and the Chief of Police in Aberdeen hang their heads in shame, they should resign immediately. You have to wonder what sort of tyrannical society we are now living in in Aberdeen, where a gathering mob with law-breaking intentions, has the support of our civic leaders and the local police.

Instead the P&J have only ever printed material that praises the demonstration.The image below is their own response to the demonstration:

I leave you to decide if the law is being applied equitably here. But it seems to me that the Black Lives demonstrations are above the law when it comes to social distancing.

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Jun 18, 2020

This seems to be applicable across the uk amongst other ridiculous rules just now. Not real sure how we’ve managed to end up in this situation, but I’m up for a bit of rebellion any time......

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