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Pay to park at work! You're having a laugh!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So our great and good SNP government in cahoots with the Greens have came up with another masterclass in stealing money from honest folk's pockets in the guise of helping the environment.

What planet are the SNP on? Really, Scotland is governed by idiots. For the sake of any SNP Member of Parliament reading this post, an idiot is someone with a significantly lower IQ (Intelligence Quotient) than the average person.

So now anybody who cannot live within touching distance of their work, will not only have to pay extortionate rates of tax in terms of taxed petrol, and road tax; they now also have to pay for the privilege of parking their car at their work. By all accounts it could be around £400 per annum!

You couldn't make this up.

And this is not an end to it. Soon, cities such as Aberdeen with have low emission zones in the city centre where anybody bringing a car that doesn't meet very high emission standards into the city will also have to pay a fee to do so. By high emission standards think of cars manufactured after 2014 at least.

Are the SNP trying to destroy the economy? Or are they just trying to destroy people?

Do the SNP actually think through the impact of their policies on ordinary working folk?

Are they seriously suggesting that folk that live in rural areas, take a bus to town, then get off and take another bus to their work. Do they expect people who work an 8 hour day to get up at 5 in the morning and home at 8 in the evening, and then do all over again, 5 days a week?

I tell you, Scotland is a country where you are better off never having worked. Where you sit on your arse every day from the moment you leave school and then get everything on benefits.

Mad, mad, mad, ..............just like Empress Sturgeon.

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