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Aberdeen city residents face LOCKDOWN with a 333% increase in parking permit charge

That's right, you didn't mis-read that.

Aberdeen Council are proposing to increase the parking permit charge for city centre residents by a massive 333% from £60 per annum to £200 per annum.

Now I know inflation is unusually high, running around 10%, but raising it by 333% is grossly unkind and unfair. And cruel. Visitors to the centre will only face a 10% increase in their parking charge. Why the difference? It doesn't make sense.

So it's ok for Torry, Mastrick, Northfield and just about any other city resident to park their car on the street for free, but anyone that lives in the city centre is going to have to find £200 for that right. Why?

Yet again, the Council is living in Gaga land, imagining a city centre where everyone walks or cycles around, and sits on pavement cafes slurping continental coffee.

Get real Council. This is Aberdeen, not Nice, Cannes or Paris. It's freezing in this city half the year. But then I doubt most of the Council management ever stick their head out their office building or walk through the centre themselves. Oh no, it will be free parking for them in their Council car park, before they head home in their Audis to the suburbs.

Does the Council not realise that they themselves encouraged people to come and live in the city centre? Perhaps while advertising this they included a footnote that said only come and live in the centre if you also work in the city centre so that you don't have to drive to your job. Perhaps that footnote also said city centre residents were not allowed to shop at out-of-town supermarkets where the vast majority of city residents do their food shopping or were not allowed to take their kids out of town to play sport, or visit their friends. Perhaps the Council thinks that everyone who lives in the city centre never ventures outwith the city centre for anything. Perhaps they also mistakenly believe that city centre residents are more affluent than others such as those that live in Cults or Mannofield or Rubislaw, for example. If so, they should re-educate themselves on the ASPC website.

Coming from a Council that thinks that Aberdeen has the climate of southern Europe, then maybe that is what the Council thinks.


Think again Council. Those that live in the city centre have the same right as everyone else to park near their residence. And just because they live in the centre, doesn't mean they don't need to get around like everyone else.

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