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Now the State owns you -completely!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

A defining moment in history passed largely unnoticed this week. The Scottish Government published its plans for an opt-out organ donation system. Now, at first glance this may seem like a harmless, well-meaning decision. There are a few hundred people dying every year through lack of an available organ, and this change will give an ample surplus.

But this is in fact an extremely sinister and disturbing move on the part of the Scottish government to take ownership of your body.

If this goes ahead it will mean that your body no longer belongs to you. Instead it will belong to the State from the moment of birth, and only by specially requesting it back, will it be returned to your ownership.

George Orwell forsaw such dire days in the future in his book 1984. Well here we are!

It cannot be right that someone else (the State) can claim ownership over your body before yourself!

What next? Taking over your mind? Well, they are having a right good go at that with the new BBC Scotland channel.

A micro-chip inserted under your skin at birth so that they can control your life from birth? That's coming soon.

The shortage of organs is a very sad and undesirable state of affairs, and it does need addressed, but denying people the automatic assumed right over their own bodies is a Frankensteinian way to go about it, and does not bode well for our futures.

But should we be surprised by the SNP government acting in this way? Of course not. As ever Sturgeon and her agents push the public around, thinking they can do doing whatever they wish, just like they did with the Council Tax, car parking levies, etc.

Except in this case, the issue is one that everyone should be worried about.

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