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No more parking on Holburn Street, Aberdeen?

Updated: Mar 16

It may have escaped the attention of the residents of Holburn Street (as well as many other motorists), but the Council is considering removing the right for anyone to to park on Holburn Street.

Yup, that's right, no more parking the entire length of Holburn Street.

They are planning what is known as the "Ellon Park and Ride to Garthdee Transport Corridor", and there is currently a consultation on the Council website. But you better be fast because it closes 10 Apr 2023.

Once again, the Council is using its fixation with forcing motorists out of their cars and onto bikes and buses to create new lanes on Holburn Street for bikes instead of cars and ideally remove Aberdeen motorists from the city centre altogether.

Quite where those that currently park on Holburn Street are supposed to park their cars if this goes ahead is anybody's guess. But since the Council's aim is to remove cars from the road, then I don't suppose they care what inconvenience they inflict on motorists.

The way the Council is carrying on, I doubt many people will even bother to come into Aberdeen City Centre in future.

It seems as if the Council wishes to lockdown Aberdeen residents and prevent them travelling anywhere unless it is on a bike or a bus.

Goodness knows how people will get their shopping in in future if they have to lug everything around in heavy shopping bags, on and off a bus. Or even worse in the basket on their bikes. If it's in the basket on those hugely expensive red and white electric bikes that litter Aberdeen streets (and no one uses), then you might just manage a tin of beans and a packet of frozen peas back home for your tea.

No doubt Aberdeen City Council would claim this is all to improve the speed of public transport, but in my opinion, most people won't be bothered with all the parking up of their cars at Park and Rides before catching a bus into the city. It's all too inconvenient and time-consuming. And what if instead of coming into the centre you want to visit family 50 miles away? Or just go to your work outside the city? How many bus changes will that involve?

The Council seems to think they can ring-fence Aberdeen City Centre with a keepout sign to all incoming motorists. And a "No exit" sign to those that live in the city centre. I have every faith that no sooner than this insane plan has been implemented, it will all be torn up when city businesses complain that no one comes into the city and spends money there anymore. And when city residents complain that they cannot go anywhere anymore, even their place of employment.

And what's going to happen when the EU push back the deadline for removing petrol and diesel cars from our roads? Or if eFuel comes along?

Answer: Wasted billions of pounds of Council Tax money!

The Council is turning a blind eye to reality and following a fanciful Green ideology that the history books will mock on looking back.

There will be some red faces in the Cooncil. But they won't care. Unless of course they live in the city centre, and have to endure their own tosh. That would be funny.




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