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Music Magpie - is it worth the bother?

Literally spent an entire day sorting out CDs that I would never likely listen to again, DVDs that I would never watch again, and books that I would never read again.

And make no mistake, this was good quality stuff, all bought new at some time in the past 15 years from the likes of HMV.

I used Music Magpie's phone app to scan the barcodes on my items.

For the the vast majority of CDs, Music Magpie offered me less than 10p. Many were valued at 5p, and some even as low as 1p (cover your eyes Take That fans).

It was a similar story with the DVDs as for the CDs.

I scanned about 200 books, including children's books in pristine condition. Almost all were rejected as unwanted by Music Magpie. The most I got for any book was about £3 for a hardback that originally cost £20. And that was the only book valued at more than £1.

In the end I put together an order that told me I had made just under £20 for almost 70 items.

I packed it up after retrieving a box from the loft, attached the mail sticker that Music Magpie provides for free delivery and took to my local post office.

Four days later Music Magpie informed me they had paid me around £17.50 for my items.

So that's a £2.50 shortfall !!

No explanation was provided by Music Magpie as to why I was paid less than promised.

Is it really asking too much that they tell you which items were not up-to-scratch? Given they have gone through a supposedly rigorous quality assurance process, is it really too much bother to list those items that were unsuitable, and inform the seller? It certainly induces all sorts of suspicion about recouping of delivery fees, etc.

I won't be using Music Magpie again.

In summary I gave them almost 70 items that probably cost close to £900 at time of purchase, they quoted me around £20, and then finally paid me about £17.50.

In other words I got back slightly under 2% of what I originally paid for those items.

Lesson learned.

The next time I clear out, it will be straight to the charity shop, saving hassle for myself, and doing some good for a worthwhile cause.

Magpies are renowned for stealing shiny objects. Need I say more?

Magpie looking for something to steal
"Is that a CD, book or DVD I see before me?"


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