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Mrs Murrell just couldn't help herself, could she?

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Mrs Murrell (aka Nicola Sturgeon) just couldn't help herself, could she?

There's Boris last Wednesday announcing that groups of people no larger than 6 were allowed to meet up in England, and most folk would probably think "Well, it's not great, but it could have been worse. At least I can still meet my mates for a night out".

So what does Mrs Murrell decide to do the next day. She announces the same restriction in Scotland, except that in Scotland, those six have to be from no more than two households.

So there you have it. Any chance of meeting your mates for a pint blown.

She just couldn't resist could she.

Any chance to spread more misery and destroy any glimmer of hope of a little pleasure in life, utterly destroyed.

The hospitality industry will be on its knees again.

I am convinced this woman is determined to destroy Scotland's economy and bankrupt the country.

She doesn't seem to realise the harm she is doing. Goodness knows why. Maybe she is just naturally miserable.

Mrs Murrell - the Queen of Misery.


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