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Message to Stephen Glass (Aberdeen Football club manager) - let the players play!

Just got back from Pittodrie Stadium, after witnessing Aberdeen FC secure a dismal 1-1 draw with Ross County.

For 87 minutes, Aberdeen FC were 1-0 down. Yet at no point throughout that 87 minutes, did the Dons change their style of play.

Round and round in circles they went, passing across the defensive line, edging slowly forward into midfield, only to pass the ball back to the defence again as soon as Ross County bore down on them a little.

It was pure pish. Terrible to watch, and the kind of football that will drive fans away.

Time and again, I saw a forward or winger (e.g. Marley Watkins) make a dash to get behind the Ross County back line, hoping to receive the ball, and every time the player with the ball looked up, decided he didn't have the skill to lay the ball at the runner's feet, then laid the ball back or to the side. The opportunity was gone, and this happened MANY times.

Stephen Glass has clearly got it drummed into this team that keeping possession is the main objective. Not taking a chance of losing possession by laying the ball off in a fast and unexpected way that might create a chance or opening, but simply keeping possession.

This style of play suited Ross County down to the ground. All they had to do was fill their half of the pitch, and particularly their box, with 9 men, and Aberdeen could not break through. Because they would not play the fast ball in case they lost possession.

It is clear that Stephen Glass likes to micro-manage. The players are not allowed to express themselves freely, or try any move that might lose possession.

Johnny Hayes was Aberdeen's saviour today. A player that is unique, thinks for himself, is fast, and willing to try the unexpected. The exact opposite of micro-managing Mr Glass.

If Glass doesn't change his ways, and trust in his squad (which I might add, is a strong one compared to most teams in the SPL) to think for themselves on the pitch, then the run of poor results against easy teams will continue.

And the fans will drift away. 15000 season ticket holders? Not a chance.

You have a very strong squad Mr Glass. They will beat most teams if you just let them play.

Let the Aberdeen Players play freely
Stephen Glass - Micro manager


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